California DUI cases can feel overwhelming and are frequently complicated, but it is rarely the case that a person does not have options about how to respond. Fighting a DUI case is often a person's best choice, which is why it is often critical to obtain the assistance of a skilled attorney near Los Angeles, CA. Call 818-646-3443 today to learn more.

DUI Stops

Nearly all California DUI arrests occur at a checkpoint or traffic stop. After the initial encounter, law enforcement will ask a driver to perform a series of physical tests to determine whether the driver is sober. Law enforcement will also ask the driver to breathe into a breathalyzer.

If a driver is determined to be intoxicated, law enforcement will arrest the driver and ask him or her to provide either a blood or breath test. If you decline to submit to either of these tests, you will be penalized. The state of California views drivers as entering into an agreement to provide these test results when requested by law enforcement in exchange for their license to drive on the state's roads.

Court Proceedings for DUI Cases

Many individuals who end up in court for drunk driving are facing charges of both DUI (Vehicle Code 23512(a)) and driving with excessive blood alcohol content. A large number of DUI cases involve several court sessions and frequently last for several months. In some situations, you might be able to plead before a judge or sign notarized documents outside of court, which both result in a settlement and reduced charges being met. If a settlement cannot be reached, however, a person's DUI case will most likely result in a jury trial. No matter the exact course that a DUI case takes, it is critical to obtain the services of a seasoned attorney who can help navigate this process.

Defenses to California DUIs

There are a variety of ways in which a person can create a strong defense in response to a DUI charge, which include the following:

Blood Tests

Blood testing for a DUI can be inaccurate due to several errors that occur during the laboratory process. Our legal counsel is sometimes able to determine that the blood sample used by law enforcement was contaminated.

Breathalyzer Results

There are a large number of substances as well as equipment malfunctions that can result in breathalyzers providing inaccurate test results. It is often possible to question the accuracy of breathalyzer results in a DUI case.

Constitutional Rights

Law enforcement frequently fails to respect a person's constitutional rights during a stop, which can result in a person's Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights being violated.

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