Is Federal Prison in Your Future?

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If you're convicted of a federal crime, you may face harsher sentencing and the severe long-term consequences of a felony criminal record. For instance, you may be sent to a stricter federal prison instead of a state prison or county jail. You could also be ineligible for a wide range of career opportunities.

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Charged with identity theft? A lawyer can explain your options.

Any crime that takes place across state lines, such as kidnapping, can become a federal crime. Other crimes are categorically considered federal offenses. These include:

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  • A compassionate legal aid who will help you navigate the legal system
  • A client-focused legal representative who provides personalized attention

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Identity Theft

Knowingly taking an aspect of another person's identity for illegal purposes.

Money Laundering

Intentionally concealing the source of illegally gained funds.

Credit card fraud

Using another person or entity's payment card without permission or knowledge.