Parole and Probation

Parole / Probation

The state of California takes enforcement of its laws seriously, which means that violations of terms associated with parole or probation can result in a person facing serious penalties. Furthermore, if an individual is charged with a parole or probation violation, law enforcement will not examine any other details about the offense with which the person was charged and will only analyze whether the person being charged failed to meet the terms of parole or probation. Additionally, a much lower standard of proof (a preponderance of evidence) is required to show that a violation to parole or probation occurred as opposed to the higher standard used in criminal trials. It is essential that a person who is charged with violation of parole or probation obtain the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

How Parole Violation Occurs

Some of the terms that individuals on parole or probation are required to follow include paying restitution fees, required enrollment in counseling or rehabilitation programs, prohibition on making any contact with the victim of the case, mandatory counseling, and the installation of electronic monitoring. Failure to follow these standards can lead to a person being imprisoned again. Despite the significant risks of violating these terms, however, some people violate parole or probation. Some of the most common ways in which these violations occur include the following:

  • Being arrested or committing another type of crime
  • Failing to appear at court to provide a progress report
  • Failing to meet additional parole or probation terms including required community service or mandatory rehabilitation
  • Failing to pay required fines or restitution to the victim of the offense
  • Failing to report to a probation officer at the established time
  • Possession of illegal substances or weapons

The Consequences of Violating Parole or Probation

There are several significant consequences that can occur due to a parole or probation violation, which can make a person’s situation much worse. Fortunately, there are still methods to defend against these violations, but they frequently require the assistance of skilled legal counsel. Some of the violations that a person most commonly ends up facing due to these violations include the following:

  • Adding additional conditions and terms to probation
  • An increased length of time for a person’s probation period
  • Being sent back to jail or prison to serve an additional amount of time
  • Counseling with a medical professional about the offense
  • Removing a person’s opportunity for probation
  • Required community service, physical labor, or treatment programs
  • Possessing or selling illegal drugs
  • Traveling out of state without permission

Obtain the Services of an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one in Encino faces charges related to violation of parole or probation terms, it is critical that you obtain the assistance of a seasoned criminal defense attorney who understands the various complicated issues involved and who will remain committed to the best possible outcome for your case. At RP Defense Law, our legal counsel has successfully helped numerous people who have been charged with these violations. Contact our firm today to schedule an initial free consultation.