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Rely on a criminal defense law attorney in Encino, CA.

Any experienced criminal defense lawyer will urge you to take your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. Unfortunately, many people believe that if they’re innocent, they have no need to consult with a lawyer or stay silent with the police. In reality, your innocence and intelligence are no match for an overzealous institution.

RP Defense Law APC works with a wide variety of criminal defense charges including federal crime, criminal defense and conspiracy, drug crime, DUI and DWI, weapons charges, homicide defense, domestic violence, parole and probation, sex offensestheft, and white collar crimes.

Contact an established criminal defense law firm in Encino, California by calling 818-646-3443 today. RP Defense Law APC is ready to defend your rights.

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Los Angeles Drug Offense Lawyer


The war on drugs continues with California and federal law enforcement agencies interested in abetting the flow of illegal drugs into the state and country. In its last assessment of the national drug threat, the DEA looked at trafficking of illicit drugs as more than just the potential for overdosing and addiction.

Los Angeles Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex Crimes

If you have been accused of rape, early intervention by skilled and experienced criminal defense counsel is essential to preserve accurate memories and evidence and perhaps to prevent the filing a criminal complaint.

Los Angeles Violent Crimes Lawyer

Violent Crimes

If the police arrest you for any type of crime, seek competent legal counsel immediately. Assault with a deadly weapon is one of the most serious offenses you can be charged with in California.

Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer


In 2021, almost 42 million Americans were victims of identity theft. With more people on social media and the vulnerability of both the very old and the very young to scams, identity theft involves over $52 billion annually. The figure is only going higher.

Los Angeles Fraud Lawyer


If you are caught up in an investigation for healthcare fraud, ordinary and unintentional mistakes can escalate into civil liability. Intentional fraud can result in criminal prosecutions.

Los Angeles Robbery Lawyer


The criminal justice system processes violent offenders quickly and severely. If you are accused of committing robbery, or any other violent crime, you must contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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When you are looking for a federal crime lawyer, DUI lawyerhomicide defense lawyer or identity theft lawyer in the Encino, Los Angeles area, you can rely on RP Defense Law APC.

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Who Is Ruzanna Poghosyan?

RP Defense Law APC handles criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to most serious and violent felonies, such as rape, armed robbery, mayhem and homicide, to name a few. In addition, RP Defense Law APC has a strong focus in defending those accused of federal crimes, including white collar crimes, drug trafficking, human trafficking, immigration offense and hate crime acts.

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Will Fight For You 200%

I hired Ruzanna and from the very start she understood my situation completely. She is pragmatic in her approach, easy to talk to, and she will fight for you 200%. She is an honest person and words cannot express my satisfaction from hiring her. I recommend her to any friends and family as she truly goes above and beyond to perform for her clients.


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Extremely Educated In Her Field & Gets Directly To The Point

Very professional office. They squeezed me in last minute on a Friday afternoon & took time to explain to me about what I was facing & what can be done. Ms. Poghosyan is extremely educated in her field & gets directly to the point. Thanks again & I will see you in court in a few weeks.


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She Was The Attorney For Me

I was referred over to Attorney Ruzanna Poghosyan through a family member to consult with her for a pending case I had. Her office staff was very polite & understood that my circumstances were pretty urgent & gave me an appointment right away. After I met with her, I was amazed with how much knowledge she had & how gracious she was with not judging me. She was very respectful & right then I knew that she was the Attorney for me. This office without a doubt is highly recommended.


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[She] Saved Me Time And Money

Ruzanna is quick to see the situation from every angle and offer prudent advice that will save your butt! She has saved me from several ‘sticky situations’ ensuring that my charges were reduced and even dropped wherever possible. She is quick to respond to all correspondence and willing to take the time necessary to ensure you understand the legal possibilities of your situation.


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One Of The Best Lawyers

Ruzanna Poghosyan is one of the best lawyers my family had the pleasure of working with. She represented my father for his case regarding licensing of our restaurant and the results of the case were in our favor! She not only stands by you and pays attention to details but her positive attitude helps make the process easier! Thank you Ruzanna Poghosyan for everything you do!


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I’m Very Happy

Went through the whole process responded to all my calls and promise to drop my case to a misdemeanor and expunge it after and she did. My case wasn’t a easy case but she pulled through and got the job done. I’m very happy and will recommend her to anybody that is in needs a lawyer. I gave her a over all five stars because she answers all of my calls, was there when I needed her and gave me correct answers and gave me great advise. Great attorney and person.


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My Case Was In Good Hands

I was referred to Ruzanna Poghosyan by a family friend for my case. Before contacting Ruzanna I was very nervous about my situation. Everybody was telling me I will go to jail. I couldn’t wait until Monday, so I called her on Saturday and she gave me an appointment on the same day. She was very helpful in answering my questions. I left her office knowing my case was in good hands. I ended up not going to jail and instead getting informal probation. I would definitely recommend Ruzanna to anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney because she is very knowledgeable in her field of practice.


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I Strongly Recommend Hiring Ruzanna

I had received a DUI in Van Nuys, a known difficult court that does not grant any plea bargains. However, thanks to Ruzanna and her hard working efforts she was able to reduce my DUI into a reckless driving. I strongly recommend hiring Ruzanna as she is well prepared, communicates well explaining all premises clearly and puts the client’s mind at ease. She definitely knows what she is doing and is well experienced in criminal defense!


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