About Me

RP Defense Law APC was founded nearly 14 years ago by Ruzanna Poghosyan and serves clients throughout the entire state of California. Ruzanna began her career by working in the Los Angeles District Attorney's office in the Health Care Fraud Division. After her work with the District Attorney, Ruzanna knew that she wanted to establish a premier criminal defense firm in California where she could provide individualized attention to each person accused of crime. And she did so. Unlike "cookie cutter" law firms, RP Defense Law APC provides the most thorough and personalized attention to each of its clients. "I went into the field of criminal law to seek justice for the accused, the oppressed and the voiceless. I fight for the rights of those whom society turns their back on," Ruzanna Poghosyan explains when asked why she chose criminal defense.

RP Defense Law APC has three central tenets: (1) aggressive representation, (2) individualized attention, and (3) comprehensive legal aid. The combination of these three principles has produced successful results for thousands of clients.

When you choose RP Defense Law APC, you can rest assured that your case is not being delegated to a junior attorney or staff member. Ruzanna herself supervises all cases and works in conjunction with experienced detectives, investigators, and reputable experts to maximize your likelihood of success. "It's truly a team effort, where each member is carefully chosen to achieve the best outcome for each client," Ruzanna explains.

RP Defense Law APC handles criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to most serious and violent felonies, such as rape, armed robbery, mayhem and homicide, to name a few. In addition, RP Defense Law APC has a strong focus in defending those accused of federal crimes, including white collar crimes, drug trafficking, human trafficking, immigration offense and hate crime acts. Ruzanna combines zealous advocacy with a compassionate approach, providing you with the peace of mind that she is fighting for your rights while simultaneously honoring your wishes. Ruzanna and her team are personally invested in seeing that their clients can re-establish themselves in the community after the resolution of their case. The firm has helped past clients find gainful employment, receive counseling, attend rehabilitation, or mend relationships with family members.

RP Defense Law APC is successful because it is passionate about serving its clients.

For a free consultation, contact Ruzanna at (818) 646-3443.