What to do if you are pulled over by the police

If you are pulled over in California, this is what you should do.

  • Number One

Stay in car wait for the officer to approach if it’s dark turn on the interior light and make sure your hands are visible to the officer,

  • Number Two

Don’t search for documents until asked. Wait until the officer asks you for your registration driver license and insurance. If you start looking for those documents before the officer may think you are searching for weapon.

  • Number three

Say as little as possible and don’t volunteer any information. Be respectful but don’t start a sweet talk with the officer. They are not your friends. Answer questions confirming your identity if the officer asks “Do you know why I stopped you?”, all you need to say is no. If the officer asks, “where are you going?” don’t start telling the officer “you woke up in the morning had a coffee,  dropped off your kids at school, went to pick up your friend. And now you are going home.” Just answer the question “I’m going home.” Keep in mind any information you give the officer you open the doors for more questions and most of the time this is problem starts

  • Number four

Get out of the car only if the officer asks you to get out of the car, don’t argue. Don’t say anything. Don’t ask why, just get out of the car and close the door behind you

  • Number five

Don’t resist the pad down.  The officer may pat you down for weapon don’t resist. They have that right

  • Number six

Don’t consent to search of your vehicle, backpack or purse. If  the officer asks for permission, he doesn’t have a legal justification to search. If you consent, the officer will no longer need a legal justification

  • Number seven

Don’t argue over a ticket.  If the officer writes you a ticket, don’t argue. Just sign it. The place to fight. It is in court not on the street.

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