What to expect when there is an officer knocking on your door in California? What are they looking for? Even when innocent, it is impossible not to get intimidated by an authority figure knocking on your door and requesting a “knock and talk”.

Why Is An Officer Knocking On Your Door?

When an officer knocks on your door, usually at odd hours, he or she is either investigating a crime or a suspected crime. They hope to see inside your home, question the occupants, get consent to search the premises and collect evidence without bothering with getting a warrant.

Keep in mind, the police must have probable cause to get a warrant. But if they are at your doors for a “knock and talk”, they most likely don’t have probable cause for the warrant yet.

Why Does It Work?

Often this “knock and talk” is successful because officers convince the household that they are obligated to let them in. The officers usually count on the fact that the person doesn’t know their rights, or they intimidate the household with a badge.

That’s why you must contact your Californian criminal lawyer right away and request denied any interaction with the police until told so by your legal representative.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Recommendation

If the police knocks on your door and wants to talk to you, don’t answer questions and don’t consent to search. Ask for their name and contact information and let your criminal defense attorney deal with them.

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